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Cooking with Ruckus

a close up of a plate of food

We are finally getting our dough in a row and ready to continue with our
Cooking with Ruckus And Bingo Night.
Here is the Schedule...

Wed. Apr 15 - Chicken Marsala and Bingo (Only 25 spots for bingo, order online (anything/anytime) and pickup your paper bingo card)
 6:30 start time
  Chicken marsala with portobello mushrooms and fusili or veggie pasta (put in notes) and bread.
  Get your meal kit here (you can order for 1 to 4 people kits and multiple kits if you want and order now for future pickup)
  After we cook the meal head over to the Ruckus Zoom Bingo 
a close up of a plate of food

Friday. Apr 17th - Pizza night with the Kids
 6:30 start time
  Get your Pizza Kit here and this time have the kids make the pizza.
  I'm going to see how much they learned last time.
  I got a new pizza stone from Amazon (a big 16") and I learned a new trick.
  Live Music by  
a pizza sitting on top of a pan covered in cheese and pepperoni

Wed. Apr 22nd - Cannelloni and Bingo (50 spots this time, Order online and pickup paper bingo card)
 6:30 start time
 Get your Cannelloni Kit Here. It comes with 2 pieces of Cannelloni and bread. Can order from 1-4 kits.
 Then Ruckus Zoom Bingo Here

Friday. Apr 24th - Pizza night
 6:30 start time
  Get your Pizza Kit here and Let's see how those Pizza Skills have Improved.
  Live music by