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Our Story

Ruckus, in a word, is what we wanted to create for friends and guests when we opened the doors of our NCSU location more than 15 years ago. A place for great food, great music and great times. Affordable, comfortable and delicious were what drove us to take the path we are still on today.

The Experience

When you come through the doors of our restaurants we want you to feel like you are coming over to a friends house for a meal (a friend who is REALLY good in the kitchen).

Our NCSU store fits who we were then, fresh out of college and ready to have a good time, great drink specials, the best local music and food that was much more than an afterthought. Stop by Ruckus Raleigh for lunch or dinner any day of the week, we’re still serving the best pizza and music around NCSU – 11 years later.

Looking Forward

A few years ago Robert, Ashley, Amy and Ryan were discussing what was the next evolution of Ruckus. We all have kids now and needed a place we could take them and still have a great time. Favorite recipes were piling up and we wanted to share them with friends and anyone who would take a bite. This great location opened up with a fabulous patio and we took a leap of faith. We hoped our passion for great Italian food, frosty beverages and good times would attract likeminded folks. It seems that was a good combination as we have added many new friends to the growing Ruckus Family. From all of us to all of you, enjoy yourselves and may our house always be too small to hold all our friends.